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Moldavite is a hot topic in crystallography lately. This crystal is not new, but moldavite is gaining popularity online. It has the stunning green color and other magical properties that can make it a valuable resource for anyone who uses it.

Continue reading to find out more about moldavite and its use.


Moldavite, as we mentioned, has an extraordinary beauty. This is due to the fact that the stone is from outer space. The largest reserve, located in Europe’s Ries and Steinheim Craters, was formed around 15 million years ago by heat from an asteroid collision.

It is named after Moldauthein, Bohemia. This town contains 99% of the world’s moldavite. It is also available in Germany and Austria.crystal wholesale

Moldavite is a rare gem because it can only be found in a single area on the planet.

Moldavite properties

Moldavite is extremely frequency-sensitive and can hold a lot of energy. Moldavite can cause a “moldavite surge”, a feeling of intense warmth and energy shift in people who first hold it. The sensation is a mild tingling sensation that begins with the palm where the stone is located. It spreads all over the body, focusing on the chest and the area around the heart chakra.

Moldavite has been called the “stone for transformation” due to its strong spiritual awakening and healing abilities. It can even open third eye, making it more conscious of the physical and metaphysical environment.stones and crystals

It can also facilitate behavioral change because it is connected to the heart chakra. It is said to open up all parts of the psyche, and help users heal from past traumas.

Moldavite is able to help users eliminate bad habits and make way for better behavior patterns. It can help users let go of negative energy to bring back positive energy.

It is believed to bring balance, and some people use it to bring good luck. Others believe it can attract love or friendship. This stone is great for any crystal collection, or crystal shop.

How to tell real moldavite from fake

Moldavite’s high price makes it easy to counterfeit. Even experienced crystal dealers can be fooled with a convincing manmade-glass fake.

  • The average retail price of moldavite is between 1-10g. A piece that weighs close to 100 grams or more is likely to be counterfeit, unless it is in a museum collection or high-end one.
  • Moldavite is more dense than imitation glass because it contains fewer air bubbles. You can also see tiny threads in the moldavite, which are lechatelierite inclusions.
  • Natural tektite is not fluorescent-friendly, but imitations can glow under it.
  • This video will show you how to distinguish real from fake.

How to use moldavite

Wearing moldavite is the best way to make use of it. It will help you absorb its energy wherever you go. If you wear it, it will cleanse your aura and allow you to make the best decisions possible.

It can be helpful for people in transition, such as smokers trying to quit smoking or people looking to change careers. It can help you make positive changes by letting go of any negative patterns in your body and mind.

It is not recommended to have moldavite close to you when you sleep, as the high frequency can disrupt your sleep. Some believe it can aid in lucid dreams and exploration of an unexplored part of the psyche while you sleep.

Moldavite’s psychic powers can be used to aid meditation. It is tethered directly to the heart chakra. It can also cleanse your mind and heart chakra simultaneously, which will allow you to relax easier.

Moldavite, for the more spiritual, is said to be capable of helping you access spirit guides and cosmic connection which will enable you to transcend to another plane.crystals and gemstones

This gem can also be used as a crystal amplifier. Its high frequency will make your crystals shine, but it is best when used with clear and rose quartz, as well as other types of tektites.

Who can benefit

Moldavite can be used in many ways. The beautiful green gem is valuable to anyone, but it’s most important for those who:

  • Are you looking to change or get rid of bad habits?
  • Meditation or lucid dreaming can help to purify their auras and bring their minds to a higher level.
  • Experienced crystal collectors are looking to increase their collection by purchasing a powerful crystal

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