The Clementine Story


The restaurant was named Clementine Dining & Spirits to pay tribute to owner Wayne Peltier's favorite artist, Clementine Hunter.  Clementine, who is known as a primitive or folk artist, was born in 1887 in the Cane River country of Louisiana.  While in her fifties and working at Melrose Plantation, Clementine found tubes of paint lying around, beginning her life as an artist.  Clementine would paint on whatever she could find.  Her first painting was rendered on a window shade.  Her paintings came from daily life on Melrose Plantation – baptisms, funerals, wash-days, and the harvesting of sugar cane are a few events that she documented.  Clementine Hunter died in 1988 at the age of 101.

We have incorporated Clementine’s famous backwards-C & H insignia into our logo and the placement of our silverware.  As the story goes, Clementine thought the normal C was rude, with its back to you, so she signed her C backwards with its arms reaching out to hug you.

 A Clementine Hunter is prominently displayed near the turn of the century mahogany bar and local artists are displayed throughout the restaurant.