The days are drawing closer to Valentine’s Day. Are you looking forward to it, or are you dreading the date of love in which couples must be together? Maybe your love is on the other side of the world or perhaps there’s a reason why you can’t spend Valentine’s Day with your favourite partner. Even though being in a relationship is most ideal scenario, not having the ability to share time with your loved ones doesn’t necessarily mean that your Valentine’s Day can’t be wonderful.In the past, we’d wait weeks, if not months to hear updates from our long distance partner.These days, everything is a mouse click away including video calls, texts as well as social media. The only thing you need to make is to be creative and spend Valentine’s Day together at a distance! creative gifts handmade Exchanging gifts is a tradition on Valentine’s Day and if you cannot do it physically what better way to send a gift right to that special person? enjoy this tradition at YourSurprise so we offer the option of having your present delivered directly to your partner’s address, wherever they are!