Whenever an NBA veteran announces his old age, my automatic response is to check out Ebay to discover the impact in the popularity/market value of his Winner jersey (sadly, I actually do the same every time a former gamer dies). As the days drew closer to Kobe Bryant’s last game the rookie-style Lakers Champion jersey sold like wild. The jersey isn’t easy to find. When an Kobe rookie jersey was priced at $30 a few years back and now, fans pay more than $100 for the jersey. Tim Duncan has stepped down from the sport following 19 years of playing. I realized that there aren’t any players from this “Champion jersey” of the past within the next few years. The previous Champion jerseys were released during the 2001-2002 time frame. It was just 14 years before. I thought it would be amusing to see the players currently playing that have been around long enough for their names to be inscribed on the back of an old nylon jersey that has heat pressed letters. club soccer jerseys