Again Before I begin, let me start this blog post by saying I don’t own Champion Pro-Cut jerseys. Due to the price points, it is easy to counterfeit. There are two kinds of counterfeits/counterfeits. It is most apparent, and subtle the one that is the least. These knock-offs that originate from China (or in other countries) that have Champion threads are clearly counterfeits. Subtly fakes would be genuine Champion jersey, which is blanked, and a third party use a player’s name/number to the jersey. replica nfl jerseys reddit Here are a few examples of fake and real Pro-Cuts.
Jock Tags & Sizing
The size of the jersey must be in line with exact specifications and measurements that the player used for the season in which it was made. I usually employ Michael Jordan as an example because his jersey size is the most well known. A Pro-Cut Michael Jordan Bulls jersey from the 1990s is recommended to be size at 46 inches with Length of the body +3.